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Joeline Parson Holistic Nutritionist

Passionate About Healthy Living

Joeline Parsons is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Certified Clinical Iridologist who is passionate about healthy living. Her interest in nutrition & health grew into a career. After graduating from the Fitness & Health Promotion program she continued on to become a certified personal trainer.

Joeline worked with individuals to help them achieve their wellness goals through fitness and real food. She challenged herself by entering fitness competitions which requires a strong awareness of what your body needs, very structured meal plans along with high quality nutritional supplements.

She went on to attend the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and then the Canadian institute of iridology. Joeline uses Iridology as an investigative tool and part of a comprehensive determination of what's needed to heal & restore balance and health. The iris of the eye is an extension of the brain with many nerve endings that connect to every organ and tissue in the body by way of the nervous system. Iridology can tell you about your state of health, Body constitution, Inherent weaknesses, Inflammation in the body and where it is located, Toxicity levels in the body and where it is locatedIridology reveals your constitutional strength, inherited strengths and weaknesses, toxicity levels and were they are accumulating, levels of inflammation (dis-ease) and were it is located, acid/catarrh, the quality of your nervous system, organ structure and much more.

Nutritional Services

Initial consultation $85.00 1hr
Follow up $60.00 1hr

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